Screening wood with a scalper K4

21 November 2012

The impossible proven possible, day after day

The general opinion is that it is almost impossible to screen wood into several fractions with a flat screen surface. At the company Filbois in Seraing, Belgium they prove otherwise day after day.


The site of Filbois is 47.000 m² and offers social employment to approximately 15 people. It is one of the missions of the company to offer social employment. The other missions are: recycling wood (for the chipboard industry and as an energy source) and remediating ground on their own site.


An innovative solution in the Recycling industry

21 June 2012

The family owned company Hector VAN MOER and sons was on the lookout for an innovative solution to recycle construction and demolition (C&D) waste. Traditionally the recycling industry uses an impact crusher, but owner Dirk Van Moer was looking for a more sophisticated solution. “In our C&D-waste there are often big pieces of steel which will lead to a lot of down-time when using an impact crusher.