New Drum screens from Keestrack

24 October 2016

All-rounder in recycling and material processing


K4 - Novum screening coal in Mongolia at 200 ton/hour

14 August 2015

Keestrack is blessed with its loyal and knowledgeable and capable dealer network around the world. Our dealers know the local needs and focus on the applications and needs of the local market.


Mongolia, Commod LLC Rocks & Minerals


Mr. Chim from Commod in Mongolia had a challenging project at the open pit Baga Nuur coal mine. In extreme weather conditions they needed to screen coal. Here you can read how they made it a success.


Sita Remediation chooses K5 (S175) in soil remediation with “Excellence” Service contract

30 September 2014

Sita Remediation in Grimbergen, Belgium offers a full range of soil remediation techniques to resolve soil pollution. They have chosen for a Keestrack K5 screen combined with the “Excellence” service contract.


The K5 with a double deck screen surface of 1.500 x 5.000 mm is very compact and easy to transport and perfect for scalping and precision screening with a capacity up to 300 tonnes an hour. The K5 can be used either on site in Grimbergen or on location on other soil handling sites.


K3 - Combo, a cost-effective option

27 February 2014

The family business BERTRAND CH. has been an established name in the Belgian Ardennes for generations. This small quarry proves that a Keestrack Combo screen can improve the efficiency and profitability of even the smallest quarry.


Screening wood with a scalper K4

21 November 2012

The impossible proven possible, day after day

The general opinion is that it is almost impossible to screen wood into several fractions with a flat screen surface. At the company Filbois in Seraing, Belgium they prove otherwise day after day.


The site of Filbois is 47.000 m² and offers social employment to approximately 15 people. It is one of the missions of the company to offer social employment. The other missions are: recycling wood (for the chipboard industry and as an energy source) and remediating ground on their own site.