Mobile technology

Best transport solutions

At Keestrack we understand how important mobility is to owners and operators, and this is reflected in the design and construction of our machines.  Our aim is to minimize set up times, reduce overall weight and size, and get you up and running as soon as possible.

We achieve this by using high-grade steel that is lighter yet stronger than the lower grade metal used in standard machines. We understand where our machines need to be strong and where we can save weight and in turn reduce transportation costs and the needs for permits.

The result? Flexible machines that are reliable, easy to transport, and designed for the task at hand.  


  • Light & compact design

    Reduced weight, height and length means greater mobility

  • Fast set-up

    No support legs delivers quicker set-up times

  • Easy configuration

    Ability to transport in one piece, with no need to waste time dismantling after-screens or return conveyors

  • Less permits

    Most of our machines don’t need special permits or authorisation to move between sites

The Dolly system

The Dolly system is a 4-axle chassis which you connect to the impact crusher. The crusher has a kingpin under the chassis and the tracks are hydraulically lifted. This way the combination of the Dolly and the crusher replace the trailer.

Because of the reduced weight, height and length the truck is much easier to drive, does not need any pilot escort and needs less permissions compared to regular transport solutions.

How we do this

  • We keep the weight of our units low by using very strong, but light, high tensile Domex steel and HB450 materials.
  • We design our machines to keep within the standard transport limits. Height, width, length and especially weight are all adjusted to have the highest mobility on the market without having to compromise on production and functionality.
  • For the big Keestrack impact crusher R6 we have created a Dolly system.

Other benefits

Fuel efficiency

Our low-emission diesel drives with fuel saving load-sensing hydraulics and alternative electric models reduce your fuel usage and save money. 

Remote monitoring

Our Keestrack-er software means you can control your fleet of machines remotely, 24 hours a day, reducing downtime and boosting profitability.

Cost savings

The quality of our machines mean they earn you more by working harder for longer, while keeping operational costs to the absolute minimum.