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04 February 2022

Year 2022 will be the first of complete rebirth for Goldoni, after the relaunch of the company in 2021.

We have been working hard for some months to improve and develop products and processes to bring the Goldoni brand to a higher level of quality, innovation, dealers and customers care.


As you have already noticed from some preview elements, we just revealed a restyling of the Goldoni logo on our digital platforms and on the products we show during the exhibition. The brand is renewed with a new emblem ready to guide the company in its second century of life.

Modern product design that matches the tractors’ innovative technical features and a wider product range mark the beginning of a new era.     

Our logo mirrors our values: It shows attachment to the brand’s tradition as well as forward-thinking inspiration. The lines size on the shape of past bonnets and connect to farm work, to the plowing of the soil. Moreover, the design refers to the Keestrack company logo. The typical red coloring ensures stable brand recognition.

In addition to the logo, the whole brand strategy will be consistent with the fundamental values ​​of Goldoni Keestrack's new strategy, including the promotion of communication and dialogue with our partners and customers.


The values ​​of the Goldoni brand

Family. A stable network, personal commitment and a concerted strategy: At Goldoni we experience the spirit of a family business.

Quality. We create efficient and safe work processes by offering leading products – customers trust in our high quality standards.

Innovation. Our competence in research and development enables us to carry on a successful story of constructing machines that meet the needs of upcoming times.

Dialogue. Exchange of ideas is the basis for constant progress: We stay in touch with our customers, suppliers and employees.



The new logo will also impact on the product range, giving it a new appeal with the satin front logo, a real emblem, the new decals and the new silver rims which, combined with Goldoni red, will make our models unique and immediately recognizable.

In 2022 we will introduce many new products and upgrades with some previews of the future product range.

3 and 4 cylinder engines up to 105 HP, synchronized mechanical transmissions, variable rear axle geometry and a driving position designed to guarantee maximum comfort in minimum space are the peculiarities of Goldoni products. Maneuverable and agile they are the ideal partners for working in difficult conditions.

Among the product previews, the new Q Stage V series stands out with a model that is unique on the market for its compactness and maneuverability (Q80) accompanied by the current product range of compact (C50), isodiametric (E70), Professional (Q110), Versatile with tractors with loading platform  (T80) and motorcultivators.

One above all is the Q series: which has always been the flagship of Goldoni's professional range, it will be completed with a new Q80 model equipped with a 75 HP Stage V 4-cylinder Doosan engine. Unique versatility in the category; tractive force comparable to a crawler tractor; ideal stability and balance typical of equal size wheel tractors: Goldoni's proposal to the challenges of working in the vineyard and orchard. With the partnership with the Korean engine manufacturer, one of the world leadersin the construction sector, Goldoni will continue to guarantee performance, reliability and efficiency while maintaining super compact dimensions (wheelbase 1890 mm, bonnet height 1220 mm and minimum turning radius 3.0 m,) and a level of emissions never so contained.


Not just maneuverability but comfort and technological development. All cabin models on order in 2022 will be equipped with the Comfort Cabin launched in summer 2021 with eco-leather upholstery, bottle and mobile phone holder, bluethooth radio and USB socket. In addition will be implemented a new mechanical suspension seat with embroidered logo and a new adjustable armrest to control the electronic lifter and distributors, specially developed to make models over 75Hp (S 100-110 and Q100-110 Series) more performing and suitable to the most demanding customers. 

Absolute preview also for the rubber track variant. The Q100 model will be present on the stand with the prototype of the rear semi-crawler version. This solution offers advantages and increases the versatility of the Q series in the most demanding situations by completely replacing a crawler tractor while maintaining the versatility of a wheeled tractor.  Based on sturdy but compact steel frame to reduce the total weight is mounted the main drive wheel that generates traction and match with the front wheel to ensure the correct ratio and obtain maximum traction with the 4WD. The directional wheels and the support rollers allow a large surface and weight distribution for an ideal soil compaction. The rubber belt with agricultural tread and 300 mm width allows to reach 40Km / h with minimal vibrations and guarantees a support surface of 2346 cm2 for each side. The solution will be available as an aftermarket kit in the second half of 2022


The E70 model, already available in the price list, best represents the range of GOLDONI isodiametric tractors that play their strengths on steep slopes. FCA 3-cylinder 71CV engine guarantees a reduced turning radius which increases agility; the central pivot structure and compact transmission keep the center of gravity close to the ground. Mechanical transmission 16 + 16 renewed in the levers increases the ergonomy and speed of engagement. New restyling with front bull bar as impact protection that combines style with functionality.

GOLDONI E70 bull bar

Series T and C: two new naming to bring two unique Goldoni products into the future. The C series, compact by definition, is designed to cover a wide variety of specialist uses: it ranges from small open fields to row crops, greenhouses or nurseries to company handling needs. Ideal for use also with a front loader, it is developed for farmers who need a multifunctional, versatile machine and are looking for compact dimensions, strength and reliability.


The T series, an evolution of the famous Transcar, is a consolidated niche in the Goldoni range. In addition to being perfectly suited to transport, the all-wheel drive T series juggles best in the most tortuous, hilly, wooded and mountainous areas. The Goldoni T series proves to be safe and reliable in every situation and from the orders of March 2022 it will also be available with the original cabin with air conditioning on the articulated version. A unique solution that optimizes spaces and offers unique protection, visibility and comfort that make the T range one of the most versatile on the market.


To conclude, I cannot miss the walking tractors: - another historical range in the Goldoni product offer versatile tools in nurseries, greenhouses and horticulture. Refurbished with Stage V engines, Goldoni two-wheel tractors are simple and versatile. A solution for every need

The 4.0 Agriculture Kit is available for the entire range of Goldoni products, both as original equipment and as an aftermarket kit, which in 2022 will be further enriched with the G FARM platform for smart farm management (see next paragraph).

Last but not least a special livery „full metal orange“ (shown on  Q80, Q100 and E70 model on the stage) will be presented  (available on request)  for customers who want to distinguish themselves from everyone.




The clear will for 2022 is to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the spare parts service. New warehouse and strengthening of the staff dedicated to customer care to support our customers with continuous commitment. Competent staff, short delivery times and state-of-the-art warehouse are our key strategies for achieving process optimization. Within the first 6 months of 2022, a new 9-meter robotic vertical warehouse will be installed inside the plant, in an area already identified to optimize internal flows. Vertical storage will simplify all warehouse operations by saving space occupied on the ground, speeding up picking and reaction times. Each component of our products is developed to function safely and efficiently. Equipped with original spare parts, a Goldoni tractor retains its value over time.

Part of the spare parts service will also be the integration of a aftermarket kit catalogue that will include a series of Goldoni-branded equipment for the orchard and vineyard in collaboration with professional partners. Trimmers, machines for inter-row processing but also ideal accessories for winter activities or farm maintenance.

Among the equipment available (and present at the fair), the most used equipment for processing and cleaning the row was identified, such as inter-row cutters, lawn mowers, single and double trimmers for maintenance and care of the vineyard. In addition, demonstrating the versatility of our range, we have included front linkages, snow blades, front loaders and backhoes.

This catalog*, which will be continuously expanding also following your requests, gives the possibility to offer to customers a full line package of tractor and equipment. All the products in the catalog can be ordered from February 2022.     

Another important partnership, to complete the offer of products related to the tractor, is the complete line of Goldoni lubricants, suggested and recommended for proper maintenance of your tractor to maintain its high value over time. Get in touch with your parts contact to discover more*.

* English version available soon



Integrated and easy-to-use digital agriculture: Designed for farmers, G FARM embraces telemetry and Agriculture 4.0, providing data analysis and decision support, as well as sensors and precision agriculture, integrated into a single platform. G FARM was created to accompany farms into the future. We have further evolved the 4.0 agriculture kit already introduced in the middle of last year. Today we add to the telemetry platform of the machine (unchanged) a portal for the management of the farm and of the vehicles integrated and easy to use. We want to follow a path together with you and our customers towards the future of sustainable and connected agriculture. Also in this case, specific training will be organized during 2022 and reference farms will be identified on which to test and make the most of the technology. We ask those of you who are particularly interested in this project to contact your area manager to schedule a specific dedicated meeting.

This launch will be followed by specific informations to facilitate the understanding and use of new digital standards and services. Goldoni's commercial and technical staff will follow you in this phase to offer you more and more solutions for the common success of the project.

This is only the beginning of a continuous improvement process to be undertaken together to bring the Goldoni Keestrack company and its partners into the future.

For more information contact:

Alessandro Zambelli



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As you have already noticed from some preview elements, we just revealed a restyling of the Goldoni logo on our digital platforms and on the products we show during the exhibition." data-share-imageurl="">