We are family

The Hoogendoorn family forms the solid basis of Keestrack: Since the foundation by Kees Hoogendoorn and his wife Annet Schoenmaker in 1988, the business has been continuously 100% privately owned.

Driven by the idea of continuous improvement: Following high demands on innovation and solution orientation, Keestrack machines are always designed to perform in every detail. Our products are built to make work easier and to reach goals more efficiently.

With this attitude, Keestrack has been shaping the construction machinery industry for more than a quarter-century. From the vision of direct feed scalpers in the early years to the current opportunities offered by electro-mobility – we transform visions into real advantages.

„There is always a way to improve processes – you just have to develop it.“ Kees Hoogendoorn, founder of Keestrack

Advancing our vision

It is our goal to make the construction industry sustainable. Our machines have the potential to close cycles and to open up new access to reclaimed resources.
Keestrack will continue to advance its research and development – to reduce the environmental footprint of the equipment and to enable zero-emission operations.
We do not keep up with the times, we precede the times: by identifying opportunities before they turn into necessities.

Ongoing progress, constant values


Challenges and technological progress repeatedly create new needs: We are constantly advancing our products and adding new solutions to generate maximum benefits for our clients.


Keestrack is a family business, which is reflected in the overall attitude: Openness and honesty characterize communication with employees and business partners – the company’s strength is based on trust and mutual support.


We engage with our customers. Attentive listening and mutual exchange enable us to take account of actual needs and to purposefully advance our products.


We are working on progressive solutions to anticipate future requirements – flexibility, sustainability and energy saving are our guiding principles for tomorrow.

A global presence
100 Countries
116 Service Partners
> 1.100 Employees

The mindset of mutual support and appreciative conduct is an essential cornerstone of the company culture and promotes healthy growth. Proceeding from the roots in Belgium, today Keestrack acts as a global player on all continents and is networked with clients as well as with partners. Together we pursue one goal: steady and sustainable progress.