Fuel efficiency

Reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions

We know our customers need exceptional power and performance, but they also want to lower their fuel costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

Striving to meet these demands Keestrack are at the forefront of deploying fuel saving technologies such as load-sensing hydraulics and hybrid diesel / electric drive options – two great ways to reduce fuel consumption with no loss of performance.

We offer modern low-emission diesel drives with load-sensing hydraulic modules for power units and crusher functions on all our products. These offer potential fuel savings of approximately 25% over conventional drives. And our electric options provide even greater scope for savings of energy and CO2 emissions.

Load-sensing Hydraulic System

Keestrack have been pioneering the use of load-sensing hydraulic systems for many years. The hydraulics monitor feed load and automatically adjust to the requirements of the load. As a result, 4-6 liters of fuel can be saved per hour, and when applied to typical operation of 1,500 hours, this equates to a saving of up to 7,500 litres.

The load-sensing systems provide cost savings of approx. 30% compared to crushers and screeners, offered by other manufacturers, who do not apply this technology.

Hybrid diesel / electric drive options

Keestrack introduced the first hybrid classifier C6 in 2012 and has been continuing this path ever since as we believe this is not just an added value for the environment but it is also a significant improvement on the cost efficiency of our machines.

Keestrack delivers several optional drive systems with plug in and plug out options. The performance and end results are identical to the standard  diesel/hydraulic driven machines but energy costs, maintenance costs and cost of ownership are significantly lower. And our electric options provide even greater scope for savings of energy and CO2 emissions.

Find out how Keestrack saves you money

Fuel & energy consumption for C6 Classifier

These examples demonstrate the savings in energy costs and the higher return on investment that can be delivered by Keestrack machines. Contact us to calculate your ROI and to see which drive system best fits your requirements.

Other benefits

Remote monitoring

Our Keestrack-er software means you can control your fleet of machines remotely, 24 hours a day, reducing downtime and boosting profitability.

Mobile technology

Our unique range of mobile technology means we are able to offer the highest mobility on the market without having to compromise on productivity.

Cost savings

The quality of our machines mean they earn you more by working harder for longer, while keeping operational costs to the absolute minimum.