Keestrack at Matexpo

06 September 2023

Keestrack going for ZERO emissions

Join the e-volution: Keestrack shifts via e-drive to ZERO drive

“At Matexpo the Join the e-volution campaign is at full speed”, says Marcel Kerkhofs, Marketing Manager at Keestrack. “Keestrack has a strong reputation on innovative and cost-effective equipment with a relentless search on the best performance at the lowest cost per produced ton and using the best drive system possible Today this means going electric.”


“A focus on sustainability is at the core of our company as this is the origin of our business.

Producing and recycling valuable raw materials is what mobile crushing and screening is all about”, says Frederik Hoogendoorn, Vice President Sales & Marketing, “and Urban mining is definitely having a positive impact on the ecological footprint.” Throughout the years Keestrack is active, besides urban mining, in the quarrying, mining & aggregates industry. “As these heavy duty industries need very powerful drive systems Keestrack kept on searching for alternative drive systems. From load sensing hydraulics,  to e-drives and now we are going to ZERO drives. This way we want to protect the planet and save money at the same time”. Hoogendoorn continues.

E-drive and drop-off engine

Keestrack introduced electric drives in 2012 by the e-drive; electric plug-in with onboard diesel/gen-set in case there is no electric plug-in available. The e-driven machines evolved to equipment with a drop-off engine/gen set unit which could be placed next to the equipment, in less dusty and vibrant circumstances, or on the frame of the machine.

Zero drive

Nowadays Keestrack introduced the ZERO-drive machines, without any combustion engines on board. Electric motors drive most of the mobile crushing and screening equipment and power some necessary hydraulics systems. The following equipment is available in ZERO-drive: All cone crushers, all impact crushers incl. the I4e , all scalper screens except the K8, C6e classifier, all stackers, all jaw crushers except the B3 and the tracked Apron feeder A6.

“At this point electric drive systems are the greenest and most effective options on the market, as they are more efficient than conventional hydraulic systems. But it also makes the end-user  less dependent on a specific engine supplier. If there is no electric plug-in available the end-user can choose his own gen set or select one of the Keestrack (tracked)engine/gen-set units”, says Kees Hoogendoorn, President of the Keestrack Group. 

Some figures

Compared to conventional diesel-hydraulic units, diesel-electric driven plants directly save up to 33% of fuel. While working in production trains, the attributable fuel consumption can be reduced even more, when the hybrid screens and stackers are powered directly via the plug-out supply of an upstream or downstream electric crusher.

When plugged in to the grid savings are even bigger, (depending on the local electricity price), as operational costs and maintenance cost will decrease drastically.

Machines on show

Keestrack I4e tracked mobile reversible impact crusher

A complete new mobile concept is the new tracked mobile horizontal reversible impact crusher. Due to the innovative RIC (Reversible Impact Crusher) technology, this machine can be used in secondary and tertiary crushing of rock, oversized gravel and recycling building materials (e.g. Asphalt). The specific design of the reversible horizontal impact crusher with a large variable crushing chamber, powerful rotor (Ø 1100 mm; 4 blow bars) and electronically monitored hydraulic gap adjustment (+80 to -220 mm with new tools) allows feed sizes up to 250 mm and ensures consistently high-quality end products of up to 0/2 mm in closed circuit. Secondary and tertiary crushing can be combined in one highly mobile solution, which makes the Keestrack I4e a real alternative to mobile cone crushers or vertical impact crushers, especially with regard to its outstanding production capacities from 100 to 250 t/h. According to Keestrack, the system offers also lower wear, better quality of the end products (grain shape) and significant energy savings in typical applications (e.g. sand production 0/4 mm: approx. -30% compared to cone crushers; -30 to -40% compared to VSI impact crushers) also due to the advanced electric ZERO drive concept, backed up by the drop-off engine/gen-set consisting of a 447 kW diesel engine and 300 kVa generator.

With the new track-mobile reversible impact crusher I4e, Keestrack is presenting a powerful solution for secondary and tertiary crushing in one machine, which is particularly suitable for highly economical sand production (0-2 mm).

Electric drives for the crusher (160 kW), feeders and conveyor belts as well as the system hydraulics enable particularly cost-efficient and emission-free plug-in network operation. Three specific patents illustrate the innovative potential of the new Keestrack I4e concept.

The material enters the hopper of the I4e, the loading apron feeder, which grants no loss of fine material and ensures a long life time is then gradually feeding the reversable loading conveyor which has an integrated metal detector. When metal is detected the conveyor reverses and a drum magnet separates only the metal.

The compact system (transport dimensions: 15.270  x 3.000 x 3.310 mm), weighing 42 t includes a single-deck after screen with return conveyor of oversized material. The closed circuit ensures a production of 100% final material with very high quality for any European norms!

The new R5e impactor of Keestrack is now available in full electric plug-in ZERO mode or it can be powered via a drop off engine/gen set unit. The R5e is very mobile and can be transported in one piece even equipped in closed circuit. The double deck pre-screen ensures perfect screening and the material can be stockpiled by the side conveyors, or can go via the crusher bypass. The impact crusher is driven by a 200kW motor and drives the rotor, with a width of 1.000 mm and a diameter of 1.260 mm, with an extremely high mass moment of inertia, which gives high productivity and stability. The optional 2-deck precision screen can be placed in closed circuit and the middle and fine fraction can be stockpiled as an additional option.

The new designed R5e impact crusher with drop-off engine and electric plug-in & plug-out functionality.

The R5e can power, like all e-drives, other machinery with its plug-out functionality. The R5e ZERO at Matexpo has its drop off engine placed on the chassis of the machine but it can also be taken off the machine. It functions as a backup when there is no connectivity to the grid available.

The new designed K3 scalper with its double deck screen box of 2.700 x 1.200mm and a capacity up to 250t/h, is the same reliable and compact machine as before but in the new distinctive Keestrack design introduced with the Red Dot Design winning R3e in 2018

The new K3-screen with double deck screen box of 2.700 x 1.200 mm and a capacity up to 250 t/h.

The most compact and performing recycling jaw crusher B3 is also on show. With a feed size up to 550mm and a capacity up to 280 t/h the B3 has the lowest fuel consumption on the market. The B3 is standard equipped with hydraulic gap adjustment to save the crusher against uncrushable feed and to reset the gap adjustment automatically during production ensuring a high quality end products.


Dust suppression cannon W7.

For extremely dust challenges a mobile dust suppression cannon can be used. The produced fog curtain encloses the dust particles because the microdroplets stick to the dust particles of the same size, as a result of which the dust precipitates. The angle, distance, oscillation and spray nozzles of the dust suppression cannon can easily be adjusted to the specific needs and to control the water consumption. This system is by far the best solution to control the dust on site.

Keestrack also has on show some Goldoni agricultural products including the full electric    B1e tractor which will be produced at Goldoni-Keestrack in Italy.


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